Our Solution is Yours

Simply put, you can count on us. We've got you covered for all your insurance and investment needs. Our friendly and professional team is here to help.

Our agency was established in 1997 and is built with experienced and friendly team of advisors. We provide sensible solutions in life insurance, mortgage insurance, critical illness, disability insurance, travel insurance, group insurance, and sound advice on various investments products for Registered and Non-Registered Funds.

We represent reputable Life Insurance Companies and Financial Institutions and we proudly carry their respectable products available in the Canadian market today.

Secure-Link Financial Group also provides on-going support and training to all our advisors. Many of whom have been working in the insurance industry for over 2 decades and some have achieved highly recognizable designations in the industry. With the wealth of knowledge our advisors have attained over these years, we were able to gain loyal and satisfied clients.